Case Study: ptAnime

Written by Francisco Oliveira

ptAnime, a renowned blog focused on anime and Asian pop culture, has experienced substantial growth, leading to several challenges in maintenance, user experience, and security.

This was a work made closely by both their team and ours. In this case study, we delve into these challenges and the effective solutions our team implemented to bolster and expand ptAnime’s user base.

Challenges and Solutions:

Outdated Software:

  • Challenge: ptAnime utilized an antiquated WordPress version, including outdated plugins and themes, making the site susceptible to security risks.
  • Solution: Our team updated the WordPress version, plugins, and themes to mitigate security threats and enhance site performance.

Slow Page Loading:

  • Challenge: Users encountered slow page loading times, leading to a suboptimal experience, high bounce rates, and reduced engagement.
  • Solution: We optimized the website’s load times, ensuring a smoother, more engaging user experience.

Vulnerability to Hacking:

  • Challenge: The outdated software increased the risk of hacking and data breaches.
  • Solution: We prioritized security upgrades, including implementing advanced firewall solutions and addressing the previously flawed implementation that blocked legitimate users.

Administration Management:

  • Challenge: The site faced administrative inefficiencies, slow category loading, and GDPR compliance issues.
  • Solution: Our team streamlined administrative processes, enhanced loading speeds for categories, and ensured GDPR compliance through strategic implementations.

Hosting and Security Enhancements:

  • Action: Transitioned hosting to Indiews for better performance and integrated Cloudflare for DDoS protection and content delivery optimization.
  • Result: Dramatically improved site stability and security, offering a robust platform for user interaction and data protection.

In-House Plugin Development:

  • Action: Developed custom plugins to address compatibility issues and optimize loading rules and analytics.
  • Result: Enhanced site functionality and user experience through tailored solutions.

DDoS Protection and Firewall Optimization:

  • Action: Implemented a proxy and fine-tuned firewall settings for heightened security.
  • Result: Substantially reduced the risk of attacks and unauthorized access, ensuring a secure environment for users.

GDPR Compliance and Hosting Optimization:

  • Action: Implemented GDPR-friendly policies and hosted analytics and website data within the European Union.
  • Result: Ensured compliance with regional data protection laws and optimized data handling.

Customer Quote:

“Indiews exceeded our expectations.

After years of overpriced companies, that promised us solutions without delivering, Indiews succeeded where many failed. They gave us a breath of fresh air, showing us that it was possible to keep our site, with more than 10 years of online activity, optimized for today’s standards, both in design and functionality.

Communication is everything, and their commitment to understanding our unique needs was the key to adress all of our concerns.”

João Simões, Chief Editor

Through our comprehensive approach, ptAnime now enjoys a streamlined, secure, and user-friendly platform. Our interventions have empowered the ptAnime team to focus on content and community building, free from the burdens of technical management.

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