Our Commitment to Reducing Carbon Footprint

Written by Francisco Oliveira

At Indiews, sustainability isn’t just a goal—it’s a commitment we weave into every aspect of our operations. We’re proud to partner with OVHcloud as our server provider, specifically leveraging their RISE lineup to meet our infrastructure needs efficiently and sustainably. In our recent Carbon Footprint Report for May 2024, we delve into the specifics of our carbon emissions and outline our ongoing efforts to minimize our environmental impact.

Monthly and Yearly Carbon Emissions Breakdown

For May 2024, our emissions were categorized into three main sectors: Manufacturing, Electricity, and Operations. These emissions were further classified into location-based and market-based approaches to provide a comprehensive view of our environmental impact.

  1. Manufacturing: This category accounts for the emissions generated from the production of servers and related components, amortized over five years. In May, manufacturing contributed to 45% (7 kg CO2e) of our location-based emissions and 50% (7 kg CO2e) of our market-based emissions. For the entire year, manufacturing accounted for 36% (26 kg CO2e) location-based and 41% (26 kg CO2e) market-based emissions.
  2. Electricity: The emissions in this category arise from the energy consumed by our servers, weighted by the power usage effectiveness (PUE) of our data centers. In May, electricity usage contributed 25% (4 kg CO2e) location-based and 17% (2 kg CO2e) market-based emissions. Annually, these figures are 33% (24 kg CO2e) location-based and 23% (15 kg CO2e) market-based emissions.
  3. Operations: This includes emissions from backup power, freight, employee commuting, and more. In May, operations represented 30% (5 kg CO2e) of location-based and 33% (4 kg CO2e) of market-based emissions. For the year, operations contributed 31% (23 kg CO2e) location-based and 36% (23 kg CO2e) market-based emissions.

Overall, our total emissions for May 2024 were 15 kg CO2e for location-based and 14 kg CO2e for market-based calculations. The yearly totals stand at 74 kg CO2e (location-based) and 64 kg CO2e (market-based)​​.

Our Server Choice: OVHcloud’s RISE Lineup

As part of our sustainable infrastructure strategy, we utilize OVHcloud’s RISE lineup for our server needs. The RISE servers are designed to deliver reliable performance with a focus on energy efficiency and reduced carbon footprint. For instance, in May 2024, our use of the RISE server in the Gravelines data center resulted in a total emission of 15.15 kg CO2e location-based and 13.63 kg CO2e market-based​​.

OVHcloud’s RISE servers contribute significantly to minimizing our carbon emissions through:

  • Optimized Manufacturing: With emissions considered over the servers’ lifecycle, our choice of servers helps manage and lower manufacturing emissions effectively.
  • Energy-Efficient Operations: The RISE servers benefit from OVHcloud’s commitment to low-carbon energy contracts and efficient data center operations.

Strategies for Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Our partnership with OVHcloud is just one aspect of our broader commitment to sustainability. At Indiews, we are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint through several key initiatives:

  • Optimizing Data Center Energy Usage: We focus on reducing energy consumption through innovative cooling systems and efficient energy use practices.
  • Utilizing Low-Carbon Energy Contracts: By choosing low-carbon energy sources, we aim to minimize the carbon footprint of our electricity consumption.
  • Enhancing Server Efficiency: Continuous improvement in server and component efficiency helps lower the overall emissions from manufacturing and operations.

Our Ongoing Commitment

At Indiews, we believe that every step towards reducing emissions counts. We are committed to transparent reporting and continuous improvement in our sustainability efforts. Our detailed carbon footprint reports, such as the one for May 2024, reflect our dedication to a greener future.

To learn more about our sustainability practices and how you can contribute to reducing your carbon footprint contact our team​​.

Together, we can make a significant impact on the environment.